Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review of The Rice Bag Hammock | a picture book

While waiting for the proof of my book, I've been restocking my bookstore. Today I'm featuring a picture book to kick off my new Picture Book section.

Here's my Goodreads review of The Rice Bag Hammock by Shaeeza Haniff, illustrated by Swafeha Khan

"Picture books portray an illusion of simplicity and are usually underrated in the book world. The Rice Bag Hammock is simple, but as a writer I know how much goes on behind the scenes to make simple look effortless which this book achieves.
Like the threads of the rice bags woven into a hammock, this story is woven from memories of the author's warm home life.  Its lyrical, repeated text is reminiscent of 'this is the house that Jack built' with a tropical flavor. Its vivid, yet soft pastel illustrations are the kind to draw your young ones to pick up the book on their own.

The Rice Bag Hammock feels like one we would have had in our picture book collection when my kids were little. It's the perfect bedtime story—short, with a calming affirmation of the rhythm of life.

One of the quotes this Goodreads author has on her profile is from Gandhi, "In a gentle way you can shake the world." Her book reflects that gentleness while transporting you to her tropical homeland. Few of us will have a chance to visit this wonderful place...except in Shaeeza's book."
What are your favorite picture books? Do you have some old favorites that you enjoyed (or still enjoy) with your children? Do you know of some new ones you'd recommend? 


  1. Awwww what a lovely review of a very serene book!! Yay for picture books! Would Dr Seuss count? Also after last year's christmas special movie, I am sooooooooooo into the Gruffalo!! How sweet is that book?!?!!

    Take care

  2. Dr Suess counts for a lot! I think his books get better with age. Just added a few to my store too. The Lorax, Horton, and Did I Ever Tell you how lucky you are? It was hard to pick, but those were some of my favorites. I think one of the best things about having kids is getting to read all those cool books.

    I didn't see the Gruffalo but it looks charming, in the same way as Sendak's books are. Maybe when I go visit the grandkids, I'll take the book with me.

    Thanks for your great suggestions!


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