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Rahma Krambo is Marketing Director for All Solar Electric, a family owned and operated business in Yuba City, CA. She is active in the local arts and literary community as a member of an SCBWI writers group, and board member of the Yuba Sutter Arts Council and the Friends of the Packard Library.

After graduating with a B.A. in English and Music from a Midwestern college, I became an expatriate of the "Show-Me" state by hopping onto the back of a motorcycle and riding to the Arctic Circle for the summer solstice with the man whom I would marry. It was the early 70's. Enough said.

After an extended nomadic existence with our three children, we moved to Northern California where we finally settled down in one house and remained for the last twenty years. My husband and I own a solar energy business and life is good.

I'm passionate about cats, writing, books and libraries and decided to write about the things I love.

I have been influenced and inspired by the teachings of sufism. I have this quote taped over the webcam on my laptop. "One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." It came from a fortune cookie. I was taught it was a good idea to look for the divine everywhere, even in a Chinese restaurant.

Writing stretches me. Contemplation stretches me. I'm amazed that each day I can hardly wait to get up and do it all over again.

When I'm not writing or editing, you can usually find me at one of my Guardian Cat stops:
Guardian Cats on FB-absolutely the best collection of cat photos anywhere, plus great library story links
Guardian Cats on Twitter-my writerly and bookish tweets

My favorite books are ones that:
  • tell me things I already know, but didn't know how to say them
  • connect me to shiny, new ideas I'd never even thought of before
  • make me laugh, or cry, or better yet, both at the same time
My favorite poet is Jallaludin Rumi. I have produced several Rumi multimedia videos.

I have a wonderful community of friends and creative beings through my association as:
member of a SCBWI writers group
board member of the Yuba Sutter Arts Council
board member of the Friends of the Packard Library

My life with cats
Dozens of cats have come and gone over the past twenty years, wandering through our two acre wildlife habitat as though we were part of some feline migration route. Many of them stayed on and became barn cats.

However, one spring I was craving a housecat. I needed a pet and it had to be an orange tabby. When I found a whole litter of 2 month old tabbies, I had to force myself not to bring the whole batch. I brought home two and named them Marco and Polo. 

Polo was my sweetheart, but Marco was the adventurer. You could see it in his eyes. If there was ever a springboard moment for my book, it would be this one.

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