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Guardian Cats is the classic hero's journey with cats as the guardians of an ancient mystical book of power.

Although the main characters are two felines with a noble purpose, there is no shortage of creatures with dubious intents – gangster raccoons, an undead Queen, a hellhound, and an evil professor who believes possessing the mystical book would give him unlimited power, like Hitler's 'spear of destiny.

Like Warrior Cats, Marco's story begins as a housecat. Unlike Firepaw, however, Marco is perfectly happy in the lap of the girl who reads aloud to him every night. When he is gifted with the ability to decipher the words, he loses himself in the adventure stories he reads, dreaming of being a hero.

However, a tragic turn of events leaves him homeless and ill-prepared to face life on the streets. He eventually takes refuge in the public library but is soon discovered by Cicero, the old library cat and elder Guardian of the hidden Book of Motion.

Cicero challenges Marco to leave his safe adventure stories and follow him on a true journey.

Fans of the mythological hero's journey will recognize and enjoy the classic structure.

Fans of Warrior Cats will find a new feline world to explore, one created from an ancient brotherhood, with cats who read and hang out around cafes and libraries.

Fans of magical realism will enjoy this allegorical fantasy adventure that can be enjoyed on several levels and all ages, nine and up.

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Print version available July 2011


  1. I would love this book I think ^_^ when is it coming out?

  2. Sarah: Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure of the publication date as yet, but things are in motion. If you 'Follow' my blog you will know because I will be announcing it here!

  3. I would read this book! I am an out-of-work librarian and I have a cat. I love YA literature, fantasy and it just sounds great, Rahma. Good luck! I can hardly wait.

  4. Hi Eri! Sorry to hear you're out of work, but a brief look at your blog tells me you are putting your time to good use. Writing!

    When publishing time comes, I will be making the announcement here and on my Facebook page, aka Guardian Cats. Looking forward to delving into your blog more.

    Hey, I grew up in Kansas City! My favorite library was the Linda Hall Library. It was my refuge when I was in high school.

  5. What is a NaNoWriMo?

  6. I can't wait for your book to be published, I'll buy a copy for my 9 yr old grand daughter, too. sounds great!


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