Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you love cats and books about magical cats...

My book is out!

If you love cats.....you'll love Marco, a tabby cat who dreams of being a hero, like ones in the books he reads. Life's harsh realities strike, however, when he finds he is not able to rescue his own humans from tragedy. He is left homeless—with no street skills.
Things begin to look up when he discovers the public library where he takes refuge and settles in with a good book. But the elder library cat is also Guardian of a powerful mystical book and challenges Marco to leave his safe adventure stories and follow him on a true journey.

The Book of Motion, hidden deep within the library, remains safe from all who would misuse its power. But one man, a professor who discovers the legend of the Lost Books contains hints at their possible existence, imagines the Book is his 'spear of destiny'. He will stop at nothing in his quest to find the book, the tool he believes he must have to fulfill his vision of ruling his own perfect society.

When he tracks down the extraordinary Book at an ordinary public library, he finds the last obstacle to achieving his dark dream is an unlikely opponent in the form of a young tabby cat.

GUARDIAN CATS AND THE LOST BOOKS OF ALEXANDRIA is now available in formats for all e-readers, including .mobi for Kindle, ePub for Nook & Stanza, Sony and Palm readers, as well as pdf for printing.

Follow Marco on his incredible adventure. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.