Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monthly Book Giveaway!

I have to phase out this blog because I have two of them and can barely keep up with one. Especially being in the throws of pre-publishing book launch for the print version of Guardian Cats. 
So I'd love to have you follow me over to Mystic Coffee, my authors/writer's blog which just got a new makeover. Take a look. I'll make it worth your while because I'm featuring a Monthly Book Giveaway and focusing on Middle Grade fiction which is my favorite genre. 
MONTHLY BOOK GIVEAWAY? Yes, I'll be giving away a brand new copy (your choice of print or e-book) of some of your favorite MG writers. My first giveaway will be Gennifer Choldenko's latest book, No Passengers Beyond This Point which just came out in February. I've ordered a copy and it's in the mail. Gennifer's other books are Al Capone Does My Shirts, Notes from a Liar and Her Dog, and If a Tree Falls at Lunchbreak.
The next giveaway will most likely be my book, Guardian Cats and the Lost Book of Alexandria.
See you there!


  1. Well I signed up in the Google friend thingy - I hope that means I'm now following your other blog too?? Yay - it looks slick and lovely! Well done you! take care

  2. Hi Kitty! Did you go to my new blog and sign up from there? That means you're following...if you want to sign up for a free book giveaway, if you like middle grade have to "sign up for email."

    Thanks for following me over there. I didn't want to lose you!

  3. Hi Rahma...will join your other blog too. All the best with both the blog and the book.


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