Monday, March 28, 2011

Are kids reading eBooks?

While I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel for completion of GUARDIAN CATS, I'm considering all my publishing options. Between Twitter, Google news feeds and industrial strength writer's blogs, a picture of what's happening in the publishing business comes to mind, resembling the wild west.

E-publishing was not at the top of my marketing plan priorities for Guardian Cats, but Amanda Hocking and Barry Eisler have tipped the scale in its favor for many writers, myself included. But I still have reservations.

I don't write paranormal romance like Hocking. I write for kids. So I need to know--are 9-12 year olds reading ebooks? Research, feedback from my favorite librarian and intuition all say 'yes.'

Cats love ebooks too!

The article, More children now reading ebooks agrees and the NY Times recent post, E-Readers catch younger eyes and go in backpacks  supports my hunch as well.

With children's fondness for gadgets, e-readers could very well become gateway devices for an upsurge in reading. I sought the opinion of a friend of mine, a long time librarian who specializes in children's literacy and she thinks e-books are a definite trend for kids--that they are starting to get mom and dad's hand-me-down readers as newer, shinier ones keep coming out.

I also see where a parent's e-reader with kid's books on it could easily become a staple for car rides. I can see where my granddaughter, a voracious reader in a town whose library has been closed down, would take to an e-reader like a duck to water. 

I'm still pondering my route to publishing, excited about all the possibilites and I believe there's room for it all--paper and digital, indie and traditional publishing. I believe that writers will help carve out this new world as we have more possibilites. I also believe that as we publish more quality writing to the digital world that there is an audience waiting to gobble it up.

My hope is that as writers, we can help each other use and understand this new bookish digital world by sharing our experiences and thoughts.

As a writer, what do you think about publishing your work digitally?
As a reader, how are you responding to e-books and e-readers?


  1. It's great to read that your Guardian Cats is nearly about to be introduced to the world!! Yay for you!!!

    I'm a very old stick in the mud and scorn all things with the letter "e" before the noun. LOL!!!! But whatever format you choose I wish you all the very best. Every road to publication (whatever and however the author chooses to be published) is racked with the same obstacles and pitfalls! But I've been blogging for just over a year and have seen authors who went the e-way find success as well as those doing it "traditionally". They all went with their gut instincts and di and are doing a lot of hard work getting their books out there!

    So fingers crossed for yours!!!!!! All the best, take care

  2. I love my paper backs and hardcovers. I have not yet converted to Kindle, though I have read few E- books.

    Rahma, check my blog, there is a huge surprise for you.

  3. Kitty: thanks, I always love your enthusiam.

    Rachna: I just saw. I'm so excited--I won! How do I email you for a copy of the book?

  4. Love the saying "Cats read E-Books too.."

  5. Is that a wonderful picture? You'd swear the cat was reading over her shoulder.


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