Monday, July 12, 2010

Librarian uses Kickstarter to fund video books reviews

Here's a nifty follow up to my last blog post. In the Stacks is a site that features 60 second video book reviews hosted by librarian-in-training Michelle Zaffino. In the Stacks features episodes of Michelle’s and other guest librarians’ take on new books currently out there in the stacks. All genres are covered, from adult to teen fiction, non-fiction, fantasy and mystery.
The short episodes are meant to run like ads. Longer episodes are in the works, with multiple reviews, author interviews, library visits and special guests."

I'm loving Kickstarter more all the time. Michelle is using this grass roots fundraising format to raise $5,000 develop her site. To view her progress and maybe kick in a couple of bucks, see 'In the Stacks' Kickstarter fundraising project. 

What would you do with $5,000 towards your writing/book related projects?


  1. Rahma...with the $5,000 I would buy plenty of books on the craft of writing as well as attend several workshops to hone my skills.

  2. Go to conferences currently beyond my means.

  3. SCBWI Cali, here I come!

    Oh wait, you didn't actually say we had the five grand...


  4. Rachna: What a luxury that would be to buy books and go to writing workshops.

    Kathryn: I know what you mean; so far they all seem to be beyond my means.

    Catwoods: I wish I could grant you the five thou and make it real.

    I would use the money to buy Time by hiring someone to clean, cook and take over my day job.


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