Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would you sign my e-book?

When a fan of T. J. Waters, author of Secret Signs, asked if he would sign their Kindle at his book signing, Mr. Waters took the question to heart and invented a very cool technology service called Autography.

So what is Autography? According to the website:

"It's a digital method for inserting an autograph or other salutation into an e-book. This personalization can take place at the time of purchase or any time afterwards, including after secondary (used) sales. Authors can give away signed sample chapters to introduce themselves to new readers who later purchase the full volume at their convenience. The now full copy ebook retains the author's salutation (replacing the sample chapters) without the need for Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.

Autography provides a permanent archive of these salutations. In the event a consumer's e-Reader device is lost, stolen, or switched with another brand the autograph is quickly retrieved and replaced at no cost."

Mr. Waters, along with Robert Barret, an information technology executive, plan to debut Autography at the BookExpo in New York in May.

Pretty cool solution, I think. What do you think?


  1. OH this would be great!!! I'd love authors to be able to sign their e-books, yay!! take care

  2. While I think this is really a plus for e-books, I did not agree with the reporter's final wrap up statement about it bringing paper books one step closer to the end.

    I'll never give up my love for paper books and real libraries!

  3. Great idea. Rahma,there are two awards for you on my blog.

  4. Rachna: Thank you! You are so sweet. I'm collecting them and passing on the bloggerly love. Have a great day!

  5. Is the app for the ability to autograph ebooks out for all authors to do now? Last I read it was not available yet.

  6. Donna: I believe they are going to introduce it at BookExpo in New York next month.


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